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I love some of the queries I get to do a special 'uniform' for an organisation such as this one for the Queensland Ambulance Service Paramedics.

Their mascot is a dear little Pug, called Frankie.

I have now made Frankie his own Ambulance uniform to match those of his human crew, except that his says 'PUGMEDIC' instead of PARAMEDIC! 

The trim and PUGMEDIC background are reflective, so he is right alongside his human companions.


Reflective trim on yoke, pocket and name

Jack has been visiting again

Little Jack has been visiting for a few days whilst his family were away. He usually dashes around searching for any small hole that he can fit through and making his rapid escape - usually to visit the dog next door, or his friends across the street.Last time he scaled fences to squeeze through where [...]

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Beat the heat

 BEAT THE HEAT Once again we are at that time of year when it gets unbearably HOT! I don't know about you, but life without the air-conditioner switched on, is no fun whatsoever!So imagine what your poor pet has to put up with? They can't take their fur coat off, they just have to find some [...]

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New heated pet pad for Winter 2016

It's always great to be able to offer new Australian made products and this heated pet pad has lots of advantages. Originally designed for wildlife - hence the 7 (seven) different heat settings availableSuitable for dogs and catsCarbon fibre technology advantagesIncludes a nice thick sherpa fleece cover for pets to cuddle up toCheck it out here

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Digestion Session - the basics of good health

Could your digestion be better?Digestion can be impaired by toxins, food intolerances, negative emotions and more.Digestion affects every facet of your life, from the usual expected digestive problems to links with how your brain works, your hormones, your moods, your thoughts.Yes - it's ALL linked like on a continuous loop. EVERYTHING which is affected, in turn affects [...]

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Natural cures - from world experts

Learn how to naturally heal your body at The Natural Cures Movement. Register today and watch the first 2 talks of the summit today! Buy the recordings of the entire Summit from world leading experts and listen at your own convenience.

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Hashimotos - could this be the cause?

Have you been dealing with a collection of confusing, chronic and uncomfortable low-thyroid symptoms – such as weight problems, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, mood swings and more? Find out why and what to do about it from the world’s leading experts in thyroid health.  More info.....

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HEALTH - Transformational Nutrition Summit

Missed this event? Don't worry, it is still available for purchase.The summit officially started Aug 11, 2014. Each day of the summit, 3 new videos will be made available to watch for free. The summit will run for 8 days.You can sign up hereWhen you do, you will also receive a FREE Personal Health Assessment Quiz so [...]

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HEALTH - Detox Summit

Detoxing is fundamental to good health. Learn everything you need to know at the Detox Summit, whether to avoid health problems or to renew your vigour. - Register for the free online event -SAVE MY SEAT- for full details and a list of speakers.

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HEALTH - Gluten Summit

The fundamentals for good health begin with your body being able to extract the nutrients from the foods you eat.The old saying: "What is one man's meat, is another man's poison" reveals that some of the most common foods such as your daily bread (and other foods) promoted as being "healthy" can actually cause you immense [...]

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